Local Conservatives recognise that elections are about the future of the whole district. Conservative policies build on the established traditions of Conservatism: encouragement for those who take responsibility for the lives of themselves and others, and assistance for those who cannot look after themselves.

Our objective - as was set out before the local elections in May 2007 - was to tackle the problems of the area with positive policies for improving the quality of life, based on common sense and a responsible attitude to the use of taxpayers’ money. We said we would seek to improve the environment and take steps to tackle the traffic and other transport problems of the district. We also said we would keep car parking charges under review with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of shopping in Morecambe and Lancaster, and improving the prosperity of both centres.

Many of the items in the Local Conservative Manifesto for the 2007 election were implemented in the period May 2007 to February 2009, despite the lack of a Conservative majority in the Council. Although we had only two councillors out of the ten in the Cabinet from 2007 to 2011, we were able to build a strong reputation for consistency of approach - and for delivering on our promises.


A Conservative controlled Lancaster City Council will strive to release the vast untapped potential of our area.

We will work with the Universities, Chamber of Commerce and County Council, together with local and national businesses and other organisations to boost skills, create jobs, enhance tourism and promote the district's heritage and unique offerings in City, Coast, and Countryside.


• Ensure value for money in every decision it takes and work with Central Government to keep Council Tax down.

• Develop practical proposals to improve traffic flows within and across the district, including more rail electrification, and new stations for commuters.

• Review all car parking charges in consultation with local businesses to help regenerate our city centres and encourage local shopping.

• Give disability groups a genuine and powerful voice in the Town Halls by appointing a Disability Champion.

• Work with our Parish and Town Councils and fully recognise their contributions in preserving the distinctiveness and aspirations of our local communities.


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