Kellet Ward is a rural area with five villages and a number of smaller settlements. Farming activity is widespread and there are a number of quarries, caravan sites, rural pubs and businesses catering for leisure activities. Village Halls in each of the villages are busy centres for social activity. Only one of the larger villages has its own village shop and a fully functioning Post Office. Several villages have village schools and play areas for young people but sadly no longer have shops.

As Lancaster City Councillor for the Kellet Ward, I consistently pressed for local views to be taken seriously when planning applications were considered. I advised applicants and objectors on a range of planning and land use matters, and represented the interests of local residents in relation to proposals for wind turbines, house extensions, and new-build housing, allotments, quarry extensions, and the safeguarding of minerals for quarrying.

I attended Quarry Liaison meetings in the Kellet Ward, Parish Council meetings in Nether Kellet, Over Kellet and Arkholme, and Parish Meetings at Borwick and at Priest Hutton.

Over many years, I campaigned for:-

  • keeping services within rural villages,
  • retaining subsidised bus services,
  • the retention of the Keer Bridge recycling facility,
  • low charges for short stays at City Council car parks, and
  • the continued provision of adequate taxi services for rural residents and their visitors.

In October 2012, I assisted in the design and interpretation of a questionnaire survey for Nether Kellet residents, the results of which were published in the Village magazine, Round and About. The PDF file relating to housing in Nether Kellet can be accessed here.

In the run up to the centenary of the start of World War I, I researched the census records of men from the "Thankful Villages" of Arkholme and Nether Kellet who fought in that war - and having been elected Chairman of the Friends of Lancaster City Museum in 2014, I helped organise the successful local campaign to raise funds for purchasing the Edward medal awarded to one of the heroes of the White Lund Munitions explosion of 1917, and I set up the facebook page for the Friends - www.facebook.com/FOLCM

I supported and attended a range of events and activities in the villages and have been resident in the Ward since 1976, so you can be sure that what affects local residents also affects me.

Springfield Gardens - Nether Kellet