IN LANCASTER CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT, local Conservatives believe in honesty and integrity in local government and in accountability to the local electorate. We oppose the policies of others when we believe them to be wrong, but we think it is appropriate for local politicians to put aside purely partisan differences, and work together constructively wherever co-operation is possible in the interests of the whole district.

Local Conservatives do not endorse policies which pit the interests of Morecambe against those of Lancaster, or pit the interests of rural dwellers against those of urban dwellers. Our policies are for the good of the whole district, and we have the collective will to implement them..


At the City Council meeting on 2 February (2015), Conservatives asked Council to note that a compensation grant of 95,000 would be received from central government if Council Tax rates in 2015/16 were frozen, and that the tax raised by the 1.99% increase - that Labour and the Greens were proposing - would be 153,000, enabling additional expenditure of only 58,000.

These figures showed that it would cost local people 153,000 of Council Tax to incur additional local expenditure of 58,000. There was never any way that paying 153,000 to enable the purchase of 58,000 of additional goods and services could be considered "good value for money" for local people - but Conservatives and their allies did not have enough votes to defeat Cabinet's proposal.

Labour's decisions leading the Cabinet of Labour and Green members that ran Lancaster City Council from May 2011 to May 2015, have given you 1.99% Council Tax increases for 2014-15 and for 2015-16. A future Conservative Council would ensure value for money in every decision it takes and work with Central Government to keep Council tax down.


After the 2015 City Council elections, Conservatives remained the second largest of the political groups represented on the Council. The Labour Group has 29 of the 60 seats on the Council and has formed a minority administration.

To form a Conservative Cabinet, or a Conservative-led coalition, we need a  larger Conservative Group on the Council.... and that is our target for the future.


Morecambe Town Hall